MCMOA Annual Meeting 2020

On October 28th, 2020 the Michigan Coin Machine Operators Association held its annual meeting. The meeting was held virtually via zoom and the meeting progressed quickly through the agenda items.

Michigan was one of many states that were hurting as the industry was forced closed by executive order from March 17th to October 9th. This was too much of a financial burden for many companies that had to close their door for good. Fun Centers and Bowling alleys were having quite a rough go and street operators were hamstrung with bars and other businesses needing precious room for social distancing.

Many that were barely keeping their heads above water were so thankful to see people come in to try to escape the harshness of the real world. Luckily the industry is recession proof but unfortunately it is not pandemic proof. The courts struck down the governor’s executive orders as unconstitutional. Not very helpful seven months after the fact.

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