Sink It by Baytek – Quik Tip – Update

Sink It by Baytek is a great piece for a game room.  It has that edgy connotation of beer pong while still being a nice interactive redemption game that children of all ages enjoy.  If you have one in your game room, you know that the solo cups are a lot more brittle than anyone could have imagined.  You would think that your customers were throwing bowling balls when looking at them after a shift.  I tired of this very quickly so I found some ceramic solo cups on amazon.  Guess what?  Those little evil ping-pong balls chip away at ceramic as well.   Back to the drawing board.  Well it just so happens that amazon also has stainless steel solo cups as well.  Saw a quarter inch off the bottom, hot glue them in place and you are once again the local frat favorite.  The steel cups are a bit more bouncy but the pros far outweigh the cons. 

I was able to find the stainless steel cups in both red and blue. 

2 thoughts on “Sink It by Baytek – Quik Tip – Update

  1. did you saw 1/4 inch off the entire cup (Bottom to top) so the height of the cups are now 1/4 shorter? the hot glue was enough to hold the cup in place?

    1. Yes I did cut a quarter inch off the bottom. The glue has held them in place remarkably well. Once or twice I may have had to reseat a cup. That was when they were close to the Iceball FX though and a kid threw that ball at them.

      Thanks you for the question, it was a good one.

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