Game Spotlight – Cut 2 Win

A new contender in the Crane and Game market is Pipeline Games.  While the name is new the team are legends in the industry.  Gary Balaban and Emile Berger are well know from Coast 2 Coast before they were sold (twice).  They have been offering a mix of cranes and novelty games.  They also offer prize offerings, part and repair services for many crane types.  Gary saw an opportunity and started Pipeline Games. 

Cut 2 Win – Pipeline Games

They have certainly been offering great deals on cranes/equipment with their Game Tester Club.  There always seems to be something in the “pipeline”!

The spotlight game for August 2021 is “Cut 2 Win”.  Gary says that he is getting a lot of feedback on this game where operators are getting an roi of 3-4 weeks.  3-4 days in an establishment like mine. 

Cut 2 Win is 32” x 32” x 75” and 300 pounds.  I love these kinds of offering because they pack a lot of revenue power in a smaller footprint.  So pound for pound they do extremely well if you keep them filled and approachable by your customers.  You can certainly do well with super jumbo plush like in the pictures but having a new game system might even do better.  For the vets out there this is a twist on barber cut.  Cut the rope with the scissors and the prize is yours. 

Pipeline Games – 1-732-387-0233

Pictures can speak volumes and this games is a very good deal at $4795.00. 

However Gary generously offered to give anyone that mentions this article $250.00 off.  So for $4545.00 you have just cut you roi time down!

East coast arcades have been reporting full returns in just over 2 weeks.  The Test arcades in Jersey are doing $3000.00 a week with high end prizes like PS5, Xbox, TV, Guitars etc.

If you have one of these units or purchase one let me know what you think! 

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