Game Spotlight – Axe Master

Now I have to say I am a fan of powerful games in smaller packages because real estate is everything in a successful FEC. However this game looks fantastic and I really have very high hopes for this piece. I am a huge fan of Baytek’s games as I have most of them. This one I really have high expectations for and will get one on a test. I really hope it is as good as I hope it to be. If the mechanical and electronics are sound this has just got to be a winner. I look forward to doing a review on this piece as well. Here is Baytek’s video plus a description of the piece and the dimensions.

You should be able to pick this up at around $22,000 plus freight.

Always on Target!

Axe Master takes the sport of axe throwing, as it skyrockets in popularity across the world, to the next level.

Players toss rubberized “real feel” axes at a physical target in this multi-player, multi-game experience.

Make a statement in any game room, with out a big hassle. Its two sections — the safety wall and back cabinet remain under 5’ wide.

Axe Master has been designed for effortless upkeep .The entire back cabinet is on wheels, making it easy to maneuver for setup. Many will try, few will become — the true Axe Master.

Width of Cabinet: 5′ 4″ | 163 cm

Safe Walls: 6′ 9 3/4″ | 208 cm

Depth: 15′ 8 ” | 478 cm

Height 11′ 3 1/4″ | 344 cm without marquee: 8′ 11″ | 272 cm

Weight: 1,829 lbs | 830 kg

Shipping: 1,979 lbs | 898 kg

Baytek® Entertainment


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