Chicago Games to Remake Cactus Canyon Pinball

Chicago Gaming is going to do a remake of Cactus Canyon.  It will be an upgrade from the original as it will have software that will include extra features that were not available in the original.  I know a lot of purists out there were a bit frustrated with the recent remakes as they feel it devalues their machines.  Well I still do not see any of the originals going down in price.  I think Chicago Games is doing a service for the pinball community.  I love these games.  I love when the rumors explode of what game they will release next (Addams Family).  These games are a lot of fun and do pay homage to the originals.

Cactus Canyon – Bally Williams

Cactus Canyon was originally manufactured by Bally in 1998.  It is known as the very last traditional pinball machine made by Bally/Williams.  The features on this game were never fully completed.  Basically there are no video modes or match animations.  This should very likely be corrected in the remake.

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