Flintstones Quarry Quest – Review

I have always been adamant that if you are going to have a pusher then you really need to have one that at least dispenses a card. While I still will say that having one that gives a card will give you a much better return on investment and beyond if the facility is big enough there is no reason not to consider some closed loop systems. I decided to give Flintstones Quarry Quest by Elaut a try as I really do love Elaut games and they do not even pay me to say that. They just have great quality games.

If you are anywhere my age, then the theme song is going to resonate with you and be stuck in your head forever. Even when the sound is on a lower level the “Yabba Dabba Doos” can seem quite loud in a Fun Center during attract mode.

Flintstones came in three different formats typical of Elaut games, a massive 6 player, 2 player and single player. I chose the two-player version. Unfortunately, this game is no longer available new from Elaut. In fact, I purchased the last one they manufactured.

The six player is 90.25 inches tall, 74 inches deep, 77.75 inches wide and weighs 1433 lbs.

The two player is 94 inches tall, 41.85 inches deep, 68.5 inches wide and weighs 838 lbs.

The single player is 94 inches tall, 41.85 inches deep, 35.5 inches wide and weighs 485 lbs.

These are a closed loop system so nothing comes out of them except tickets if you utilize physical tickets. There are no silver coins, cards, marbles, chips or bits and pieces to order as the pieces in the game are recycled over and over via an elevator in the back and they pieces are read by RFID sensors and reward accordingly.

So on to game play. This game really attracts people that do not want the fuss of turning in cards, chips or coins. They really love the unique player-controlled features. There are several character chips that are valued 5 to 100. When these pices are pushed over the edge they do two things. They give the value in tickets and also advance the led on the ticket bonus wheel by the value as well. There is a stop zone in the ticket bonus wheel. If you land on this you win the bonus. If you pass it by then you gain another LED light each time you pass it making it easier to hit each time around.

The next main feature it that there are seashells that once pushed over the edge allow you to spin the big bonus wheel where you try to stop on the big bonus. Both of these ticket jackpots are progressive and programmable. If you stop on the bonus, you win the ticket jackpot. Otherwise, you win the ticket value you land on.

While not quite as popular as my Willy Wonka pushers this one does in fact “Yabba Dabba” does well. It is consistently in the top five in my Fun Center.

Flintstones Quarry Quest is a fantastic game especially if you do not want to deal with coin, card and chip redemption. I do see them for sale used quite frequently and if you can get one for a great deal I suggest you go for it! It will certainly ROI fast if you have had similar pieces do so. If you cannot find one or want a new game then I would consider some other closed loop games like Rick and Morty Blips and Chitz by LAI, Emoji Roller by UNIS or if you are up for a hunt Konami’s Smash Stadium.

So, Flintstones Quarry Quest is a great upper shelf piece, and I would grade it an A-.

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