Opening After Covid-19

Even before the horror that this pandemic brought upon on us I always made sure to disinfect all the games and equipment in the Family Entertainment Center. I had my team disinfect the games twice a shift and clean glass even more often. I will be the first to admit I did this to help spur more revenue. I knew that parents had quite the peace of mind when we made a show of disinfecting control panels and all points of contact.

Imagine when we all get the green light to open after Covid-19. We are going to have to have a constant showing of disinfecting. Make sure you have your best social ambassadors out there making a pleasant show to try and help your guests feel safe and comfortable. For many that will not be enough though. The time is now to invest in gloves and masks of many various sizes for your more cautious clientele. This coupled with some intense marketing and signage will give you a good start when the doors open.

It is so unfortunate on so many levels but to move forward we are all going to have to rebuild a trust relationship with our guests. Everything before Covid-19 is over. We have to start fresh. There will be a lot of challenges and we have to make sure the sanitation of our equipment is no longer a show but a serious undertaking. If you have an outbreak at your location I do not have to explain the ramifications. Train your teams to wash hands, sanitize and utilize necessary practices. They are your front line and will make or break you.

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