The “New” Normal and Why We Have to Say No

Being wise business leaders we absolutely know that we have to adapt to social distancing, public/employee health and massive sanitation efforts. They are calling this the new normal. I want to assert that, while we do need to adhere to these new stipulations, we never should accept these as normal. Accepting them as normal means we are limiting our potential when the coast is clear. After the virus has come and gone and shows no sign of rearing it’s ugly head again we need to take back normal. We need that extra seating and that extra occupiable space! To get our personal economies booming again we really can accept nothing less. Our industry is based on income per square foot. We can learn from this calamity though and still sanitize like never before to do our part to make sure this never takes us by surprise again.

So lets be wise and do what we must to get past the hump while also being vigilant to take back our normal when it is safe and the perfect time to do so!

One thought on “The “New” Normal and Why We Have to Say No

  1. Everyone needs to be cautious,and should’ve been prior to Covid-19… It’s imperative that people take the Pandemic seriously, and care about their own personal welfare, as well as others around them

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