Review – Black Beard’s Bounty – Elaut

There is no doubt that Elaut has put out some stellar games and Black Beard’s Bounty is certainly no exception

Coming in the same package as the other Elaut pushers Wizard of Oz and Willy Wonka, this is the same exact game other than in a different theme. The pirate theme is certainly a welcome addition in our Fun Center and gets quite a bit of play and is a revenue powerhouse.

The graphics and theme are really well done and the overall package has a very family friendly feel to it. The sounds are addictive and if you are around the game a lot you will find yourself singing along when passing by. The controls are simple and intuitive. The only real confusion comes is when silver coins fall off the edge and do not come out. They are made to refill the “gun”. Still guests will ask why they do not come out. If you take the time to explain how it works in a friendly manner you will have many repeat plays as these Elaut pushers are very addictive.

The cabinet is quite frankly very attractive. Elaut is all about eye appeal in my opinion. The game play as I said before is addictive so the entertainment value is very high.

The pricetag on these Elaut pushers is very high but if you have a mid to high volume game room they should pay for themselves in 3 to 6 months. I would say that a good deal on this would be just shy of $30,000.00 USD.

The technical side of the game is also outstanding. In 3 solid years of use it has less than $1,500.00 in parts installed. That is off the charts for maintenance on such a great earning game. It ages like a wine! The quality of the Elaut pushers never ceases to impress me.

A couple things that I did change though: I changed the stock halogen lighting. It draws too much for the wiring and you will have issues with them down the road. I installed LED lamps on the sides and added LED lighting as pictured below for the “roof” areas.

Some trade secrets in this picture…

Black Beard’s Bounty is a stellar game and proven earner. If you have the room for a few pushers I would very highly recommend it. If you have room for just one get a Willy Wonka and thank me later.

I will be sharing and article on how to maximize earnings on these pushers soon. If you have one I believe you will find it very lucrative information.

Graphics/Art/Theme 9/10

Sound 9/10

Controls 9/10

Cabinet 9/10

Entertainment 9/10

Value 7/10

Technical 9/10

Test of Time 9/10

Quality 9/10

Overall 8.7/10

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