Review – Crank It – Baytek

Baytek is a power house when it comes to building games. Today I am going to focus on one that is retired but still worth a review. I have a large portion of Baytek’s catalog in the game room and there is a reason why, they make solid, good earning games that can stand the test of time.

The cabinet is very well made and the art is appealing. The game is a quality piece and I have never had bubbling or issues with the prints. Even the t-channel molding have never come undone. I think a lot of game manufacturers should learn this trade secret from Baytek.

With their new spinners like Big Bass Wheel, Ticket Monster etc, Baytek can let Crank It retire admirably. Even though this one will spend its golden years still earning a respectable income in Willy’s Fun Center.

I have had so few issues with this game I really cannot remember anything that has ever needed replaced. This is where the game really shines as it is practically no maintenance. I would highly recommend that if you come across a used one for cheap, let it make money for you!

This game has been replaced by many other wheel spin options by Baytek but this one had quite an advantage of a very small footprint which is hard to come by in such games. If your pressed for space and need a quality tried and true earner, find one of these!

Graphics/Art/Theme 9/10

Sound 9/10

Controls 10/10

Cabinet 10/10

Entertainment 6/10

Value 7/10

Technical 10/10

Test of Time 10/10

Quality 9/10

Overall 7.9/10

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